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Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin

just a farmboy (made of steel)

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Birthdate:May 28
They said I was dead.

I am not.

I am painting again.



Piotr is a very tall (6'6"), and extremely well-muscled twenty-or-thirty-something (30, more or less) man at first glance: square-jawed, blue-eyed and black-haired, and built like the kind of guy who'd get nicknamed Colossus. He speaks English fluently, but with a mild Russian accent.

When transformed, he is 7'5" and made up entirely of an organic steel that is almost indestructible. In his steel form, he looks pretty much as you'd guess: like a man made out of strips of shiny metal. He doesn't move like a clunky robot, though; his metal skin and muscles move just as fluidly as ordinary ones.

The change between forms is soundless, instantaneous, and happens pretty much at will. This is Piotr's mutation; it's a natural part of him.


Piotr is a very quiet guy until you get to know him. (When you get to know him, he's still usually a quiet guy.) He's friendly, if not necessarily talkative, and a big softie when it comes down to it. He'll answer to Piotr or Peter interchangeably, and to Colossus too, and to Pete or Petey if you feel so inclined.

He's an artist. He's a farmer. Except there's this little problem of being a mutant, and being an X-Man, and having a full-time job of saving the world. (Again. And again.) Once in a while, somebody even says thank you for it. Not too often, though.

He tries very hard to keep a firm control on his temper since, if he isn't careful, he can punch through walls (or people) without trying. It's very rare that he doesn't succeed.


Piotr is up to date with the current X-men canon, allowing for a certain lag time to play out comic plotlines. He's from the same universe as [info]prydeful, [info]adamantiumloner, and others -- for the full list, see here.

Colossus is from the X-Men comics, and is the property of Marvel and all those that claim rights to him. I am none of those people. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. As of June 2007, his current player is [info]genarti, who adopted him from his original (and thoroughly awesome) mun Feather.
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