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After he chases several teenagers back into their own rooms most of the evening, and playing a game of ducking out any door when ever Emma came into the room (once forgetting and ducking into a closet), he's almost afraid to go to sleep that night.

Dream said he would allow it, that he would be happy to help Kitty in any way he was allowed.

This seemed like a good idea.

It's a good idea.

He's out by the time his head hits the pillow.

Date: 2007-02-17 06:03 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
It's a good idea.

The way she's being lazy and laying on her back on a picnic table might be a hint.

Kitty misses this outside thing.


Date: 2007-02-17 06:15 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (half smile)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
The way Piotr does a large, muscular man's version of pouncing might be an agreement.

When he finally leans back up on his elbows, because even in dreams, you seem to dream needing to breath, he has a tiny smile.

"We can pretend I was very seductive, and I did not just molest you like an inexperienced schoolboy, yes?"

Date: 2007-02-17 06:17 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
"Yes, sweetie," she laughs and leans up to kiss him again.

"Very suave."

Date: 2007-02-17 06:33 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (thoughtful)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
"Be careful," he tells her collarbone very thoughtfully, "or I will start leaving hickies."

He is tracing a pattern across her stomach to her hip with a fingertip with his other hand. Back and forth, back and forth.

"I asked your uncle. I don't think he is watching." He doesn't say 'so, you should take your top off', but he is broadcasting as loud as he can.

Date: 2007-02-17 06:35 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
Kitty looks at him for a moment, amused, and then deadpans, "Nice to see you too, love of my life."

Date: 2007-02-17 06:54 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (half smile)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
It takes him a moment. Then, he offers a small, abashed, boyish grin. And no apology.

"I thought about writing you poetry. But I am not very good at that. I thought I should read or quote something for you, but I thought you would remember the lines before I finished them." He rolls onto his side to face her, still tracing a pattern across her stomach and hip. "I decided on this."

Entirely honest, "You're the single greatest person I have ever known, Katya. I love you."

"...I got distracted." A little sheepish, but only just.

Date: 2007-02-17 06:57 am (UTC)
prydeful: (Wanted Most)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
"...Okay. I'll keep you," she decides with a smile.

Date: 2007-02-17 07:01 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (half smile)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
"That is nice," and smiles right back.

"Your father thinks you are keeping me just for the sex." Thoughtful, "He is like Scott when I record the hockey game over a PBS special."

Date: 2007-02-17 07:03 am (UTC)
prydeful: (*facepalm*)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
"...Sweetheart? Petey? Please don't discuss our sex life with anyone I might be literally or metaphorically related to?"

Date: 2007-02-17 07:09 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (Kitty & Peter)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
He doesn't say Destruction started it.

"Oh? Not even that tiny cousin of yours? She always looks up at me and looks so curious."

Date: 2007-02-17 07:10 am (UTC)
prydeful: (*facepalm*)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
Kitty is really pretty grateful he doesn't say that.

"...No. No talking with anyone," she declares, firmly.

Date: 2007-02-17 07:15 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (Colossus for a reason)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
He kisses that place right behind her ear and smiles even more.

"Ah, really? Such a waste."

Date: 2007-02-17 07:22 am (UTC)
prydeful: (Wanted Most)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
She grins.

A little.

"I just said no talking."

Date: 2007-02-17 07:38 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (...IT COULD HAPPEN!)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan

He leans over her again.

"So, you want me to show the next person that asks."

Date: 2007-02-17 07:41 am (UTC)
prydeful: (Laugh cause it beats crying)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
"Okay," she laughs, "y'know what, tovarich, no kisses for you."


Date: 2007-02-17 07:54 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (thoughtful)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
"Oh, in that case."

He goes to roll of her.

Date: 2007-02-17 07:57 am (UTC)
prydeful: (Laugh cause it beats crying)
From: [personal profile] prydeful

Can wait.

And smirks.

"We'll just hold hands, then."

Date: 2007-02-17 08:06 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (half smile)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
He grins at her again. "That will do."

And they are standing in a field of wheat overlooking a great, blue lake. In the distance, there is a small cabin on a slight hill. The wind blows, and there is a small chill in the air.

He gives Kitty's hand a tug, and starts wading through the stalks of wheat, up toward the hill.

Date: 2007-02-17 08:45 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
"From Russia with love?"

Someone's smiling.

Not smirking.

Just smiling.

Date: 2007-02-17 09:10 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] steelartisan
"I always wanted to show you where I grew up. It has been so long, I doubt it looks like this any more."

He stops just beyond his family's old cabin and points along the closer shore of the lake and meadow land. "My father and Mikhail used to graze the cattle and small horses down there. But, they would get tired of their feed and come up here to eat my mother's vegetables."

Date: 2007-02-20 03:37 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] prydeful
"Your poor mother."

She's switched to Russian without thinking about it.

(She does that most with Japanese, still, but there are other languages that creep in from time to time, and Russian is one.)

Date: 2007-03-04 06:20 am (UTC)
steelartisan: (half smile)
From: [personal profile] steelartisan
He continues on in Russian, not even noticing that they have switched languages.

"My poor Papa. Mama was never a...ah. Quiet woman." He says it was a fond smile as he reaches out and touches one of the brightly painted window sills with its decorative arches, awning, and fence lacing. It stands out next to the dull wood house.

"I painted this when I was little. We believe here, that you have to paint all your windows and entrances brightly to distract the fairy folk from coming inside and stealing all the milk."


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